Milford Township Fish, Game, and Forestry Association

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Membership Requirements

We are always looking for new members. Area residents wishing to join the club and be active in making this a great organization should come out for the monthly membership meeting. Check the calendar for meeting dates. New members are asked to join four events their first year. These events include work days, kids fish rodeos, and other committee projects. If you are interested in being a member please print the application below and bring it to one of our membership meetings. At that that time you will go through a brief interview and introduce your self to the rest of the members who will be voting on your membership.


There is a one time initiation fee for new members of $30 dollars.

Yearly membership costs.

Regular – Includes spouse and children under 17 $70 + $30 gun raffle= $100 Total

Senior - Ages 65-75 inclusive $25 + $30 gun raffle= $55 Total

Seniors over age 75 (with 5 years prior membership) $ 0 + $30 gun raffle= $30 Total

All members (including life, seniors and free seniors) must purchase three (3) gun

raffle tickets at renewal time.

Click here for the application.

Membership By-Laws